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Commissioners Recognize Deputy Justin Roybal


Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department deputy Justin Roybal was recently honored for his work helping a local teenage girl to turn her life around.

Lizeth Marquez was going down a troubled path, hanging out with the wrong crowd, fighting, missing school and leaving home. Eventually, in desperation, her parents called 9-1-1.

That is when deputy Roybal came into their lives. Deputy Roybal returned to the Marquez home often and fostered a relationship with Lizeth that helped her to make better choices in her life with the support of her parents.

Deputy Roybal and other deputies took Lizeth and other teens to events and activities that helped the youths to refocus on school, while also learning new tools to tackle everyday challenges that teens face as they navigate their paths to becoming responsible adults.

KOB-TV recently selected deputy Justin Roybal as one of its “Pay it 4ward” honorees. Lizeth personally thanked him for caring and for helping her to change her life and re-establish positive relationships with her family and others.

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