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BernCo Fire Wants to Remind Visitors, Residents to Stay Safe While Hiking


With the Balloon Fiesta coming up soon and lots of visitors in town eager to explore our mountain vistas, the Bernalillo County Fire Department wants to remind folks about hiker safety.

Here are a few tips! 

  • Plan before you go. Know rules and regulations. Get current park tail maps of the area and know how to read them.
  • Be aware of the types of wildlife in the area by searching the web or calling the ranger station. Treat any encounters with extreme caution.
  • Take plenty of drinking water (more than you may think you will need). a minimum of two quarts per person per day. If hiking in arid climates, carry at least four quarts per person per day. 
  • Take light snacks. 
  • Check weather conditions and wear proper clothing accordingly. Avoid doing activities during extreme temperatures. Seek shelter in the event of strong winds and thunderstorms. Avoid hypothermia, the dangerous lowering of body temperature, by keeping dry.
  •  Dress in layers that can be removed or added as you heat up or cool down. Always carry a wind resistant jacket and rain gear. Get out of any wet clothes. Get into your sleeping bag or fill a trash bag with leaves and get into that. On warm days, watch for signs of heat exhaustion. If you get lost, be sure to keep warm.
  • Protect yourself from the sun. Use sunblock lotion, wear a long sleeve shirt and long pants, and use a cap or hat. 
  • Never go out alone. If you do activities alone, let somebody else know about your plans. Remember there is safety in numbers. Group hikes are a great way to protect you from hiking dangers and they are more fun. Consider joining a hiking club. Make sure family members or friends have your itinerary and have them contact the park if you don’t return within a reasonable time.
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