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    Location: Princeton and San Joaquin

    Health: Healthy


    Contact: willow@unm.edu


    Location: far NE Heights

    Health: cat was acting sick. 

    Additional Info: disappeared around Tuesday 12/7/16. Orange ginger tabby. Microchip 098319609

    Contact Info: Carol Zulauf. P: (505) 980-5228. E: cazu101@aol.com.


    Location: area of 86th and Tower SW

    Last seen: 11/11/2016

    Additional info: 10 year old regal looking, large, very long-legged, typical gray/brown striped tabby with medium green eyes, a pink nose, and a very long tail. Healthy. The cat came to liv... Read More


    Location: area of the 87059 zipcode

    Additional info: Black spot on white chest.

    microchip ? 02061275C
    animal id:  A17423999

    Contact Info: Suzanne - P: (505) 286-1393. E: suzhru@gmail.com.


    Location: area of Alameda and Louisianna

    ?Description: Cat was found stuck on our roof this morning. We attempted to let it wonder back home, but was lost and wouldn't leave our door step. We took it to the vet and it has a microchip but is n... Read More

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