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Animal Care Services
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    1136 Gatewood SW
    Albuquerque, NM 87105

    (505) 468-PETS or 468-7387

    (505) 873-6709

    Monday - Friday
    8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

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      Location: Santa Fe, Lopez Lane between Rufina and Agua Fria

      ?Health: Hard of hearing, somewhat blind, older in age and missing teeth

      Breed: Standard poodle

      Color: White and tan

      Description: This male senior poodle with medium length white and tan hair was last seen in Santa Fe Jan. 26, 2017. He is older, somewhat blind and hard of hearing. 

      Contact: (505) 310-4153


      Location: Girard and Gibson

      Health: Healthy

      Color: Black and white

      Description: Found with a leash and collar. Please text or leave message. 

      Contact: (505) 453-0207 or email scarletbee2012@gmail.com


      Location: Isleta and Arenal

      Health: Healthy 

      Breed: Alaskan Husky

      Color: White

      Description: Answers to "Zoe" 

      Contact: Call Alex at (505) 314-6651 or email myrnanieblas@yahoo.com



      Location: 98th and Tanager Dr. SW

      Health: Healthy 

      Breed: Chihuahua, female

      Color: White and tan. 

      Description: Small to medium dog, white and a little tan, long-haired Chihuahua.

      Contact: Call Angel (505) 818-4097 or email fresquezmomma@gmail.com


      Location: 4th Street and Alameda

      Health: Healthy 

      Contact: Call Vanessa at (505) 267-8201 or email vdelgadillo23@yahoo.com.


      Location: Albuquerque

      Health: Healthy

      Color: Black

      Contact: (505) 268-5824 or email at dgallegos2011@yahoo.com


      Location: 2304 Margo Rd. SW 87105

      Health: Healthy

      Breed: Golden Retriever 

      Color: Golden

      Description: Sullivan went missing Jan. 27, 2017. Sullivan is only 14 weeks old and is extremely friendly. 

      Contact: Monique at (505) 270-1283 or Joshua at (505) 717-5526 or email at Moniquearellano43@gmail.com 



      Description: Shepherd mix

      Location: 98th and Gibson

      Contact: Call (505) 508-6835 or email gabrigurule@gmail.com


      Location: Four Hills

      Health: Healthy

      Breed: Mixed Pit Bull

      Color: White and dark brown/black

      Description: Has one blue eye

      Contact:  Call Dan at (505) 288-9767 or Carol at (505) 288-9249 or email:




      Location: 208 Girard Blvd SE (Between Central and Lead)

      Health: Healthy

      Breed: Chihuahua

      Color: Rust brown

      Description: Male, medium size,  very friendly.

      Contact:  Angenique: (505) 573-6605), (505) 261-9818, (505) 610-4601 or email: Angeniquegriego17@gmail.com



      Location: Area of Desert Garden/Valley Garden Gun Club.

      Health: Microchipped and spayed.

      Additional info: Black & white border collie/Aussie mix. Has some blue heeler marbling in her white coat. Went missing during the night or early morning of Dec. 16/17. Was wearing her collar and had tags on when last seen. Her name is "Miracle."

      Contact info: Joseph or Stacie Vigil. P: (505) 617-7900, (505) 617-2106, or (505) 724-7611. E: sjhc_2010@hotmail.com.


      Location: Area of Spain and Juan Tabo.

      Health: Healthy and has all his shots.

      Additional info: Small Yorkshire terrier, 4 years old. He is black and tan, weighs 12 lbs. and has a tag and chip. Will come to "Odie."

      Contact info: Terri Maethner. E: terri.maethner@hotmail.com.


      Location: Edgewood, NM. Area of V-Hill Rd. and Martinez Rd.

      Additional info: Female white Great Pyrenees, with grey tipped ears. Last seen Nov. 27.

      Contact info: Lindsey Moore. P: (505) 506-6235. E: lindsey.moore@mesd.us.

















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