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Animal Restraint

Effective: 8/26/13 Sec. 6-43.

 Restraint of animals.

(a) A person owning or having charge, custody, care, or control over a companion animal, shall keep the animal upon his or her own premises within a secure enclosed pen, or in an area containing a fence or wall of sufficient height surrounding the perimeter of the property. It shall be unlawful to tether a companion animal as a form of confinement.

(1) Fixed point tethering of any companion animal to stationary objects is permitted in limited circumstances such as picnics or gatherings in a park or open space, for emergency purposes to permit an individual to render aid to a human or another animal and only when the owner is immediately present.

(2) A dog is permitted on the street and in other public places only if on a secure leash not exceeding six feet in length. Longer retractable leashes may be used, provided the person with the dog is capable of controlling the dog. All other animals must be secured in a fashion acceptable for the species of animal. A person physically capable of controlling and restraining the animal must exercise immediate custody. This section does not apply when an animal is participating in a bona fide animal show authorized by the county or appropriate authorities, nor when a dog is in an off-leash park or other designated off-leash area.

(Ord. of 2-26-13) State law reference— Authority to prohibit the running at large of animals, NMSA 1978, §§ 4-37-1, 3-18-3(A)(2), 77-1-12; Dangerous Dog Act, NMSA 1978, §§ 77-1A-1 to 77-1A-6.

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