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Animal Care Services


All dogs, cats and ferrets over the age of 3 months are required to have a Bernalillo County animal license if they are maintained within the unincorporated areas of Bernalillo County. 

To obtain a license, proof of rabies vaccination and microchip must be provided.  Reduced rate licenses are issued for animals where proof of spay or neuter is provided.

Licensing Fees

Spayed or neutered dog, cat or ferret:

  • $10 Yearly Fee
  • $22 Three-Year

Spayed or neutered dog, cat or ferret owned by a person 62 years or older:

  • $2 Yearly Fee 
  • $5 Three-Year

Unaltered dog, cat or ferret:

  • $20 Yearly Fee
  • $50 Three-Year

Unaltered dog, cat or ferret owned by a person 62 years or older 

  • $4 Yearly Fee
  • $10 Three-Year


Valid permits issued by Bernalillo Animal Care Services are required to operate certain animal related activities and businesses listed below.

 *Establishments requiring a Bernalillo County Conditional Use permit from Planning and Development Services in addition to the Animal Services Permit. Establishments may also need a business license.

Scroll to the bottom to see the application. 

Multiple Animal Site Permit

To own, harbor or keep more than a combined total of four dogs, cats or any combination thereof over the age of three months on any property other than one included in the definition of Professional Animal Site or Shelter Site

Professional Animal Site Permits

Any kennel, grooming parlor or pet shop with the exception of sites solely dedicated to livestock, state inspected veterinary hospitals and federally inspected laboratory facilities and zoos.

Commercial establishment operating for profit where dogs or cats are boarded, kept or maintained

Grooming Parlor*
An establishment or part thereof maintained for the purposes of performing grooming services for animals

Pet Shop*
Any premises or part thereof, open to the public which engages in the purchase, sale, exchange or hire of animals of any type, except the term shall not apply to premises used exclusively for the sale of livestock. 

Shelter Site Permit 

(* If more than six animals on site)

A non-profit animal facility operated for the purpose of bringing aid and comfort to a number of dogs or cats that exceeds a total of four.

Breeder Permit  

 (* If more than six animals on site)

 A person, who keeps, maintains or harbors any intact dog or cat for the purposes of breeding.

Litter Permit

The owner of an intact female dog or cat bred intentionally or unintentionally that does not possess a Breeder Permit is required to obtain a Litter Permit for each litter.

Guard Dog Permit

Any dog that is used to protect a commercial property, but excludes a dog used exclusively to guard livestock.

Intact Animal Permit

Any person having a stray unsterilized dog or cat returned to him/her or reclaiming an impounded unsterilized dog or cat will obtain an intact animal permit or have the animal sterilized within 60 days of return.

Canine Hybrid Permit

Any person possessing a canine hybrid must obtain a permit and is allowed no more than 4 total Hybrids.

Wild Animal Permit

Any person who lawfully holds or keeps a wild animal as defined in section 6-68 of the Bernalillo County Animal Care Ordinance,  lives in the unincorporated area of the count and owned the animal prior to April 6, 1999 must have a permit.

Dangerous Animal Permit

Any owner of a dog deemed dangerous by admission of owner or by court determination shall obtain a permit.

Animal Exhibit Permit

Any person operating, conducting or maintaining a permanent or temporary commercial animal show, circus, animal exhibition, animal ride, petting zoo or carnival must obtain a permit.

Permit Fees (per year)

Kennel: $75.00

Groomer: $75.00

Pet Shop: $75.00

Multiple Animal Site: $75.00

Breeder: $75.00 Per Animal

Shelter Site (non-profit): $0.00

Guard Dog: $50.00

Litter Permit: $75.00

Wild Animal Permit: $50.00

(for animals federally registered prior to 1999)

Dangerous Animal: $100.00

Animal Exhibit Permit: $50.00

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