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Animal Care Services

Bernalillo County Animal Care Services Advises Citizens to Bring Animals Indoors During Fireworks Displays


During the Fourth of July holiday, more companion animals, especially dogs, are picked up by Bernalillo County and City of Albuquerque animal care officers than at any other time of the year.

“Animals should be secured indoors during Fourth of July events and all animals should have identification in case they do escape,” says Bernalillo County Animal Care Services Director Misha Goodman. “A dog’s hearing is much more acute than humans and the high pitched sounds from fireworks may result in physical or emotional damage to your pet.”

Animals frightened or confused by the fireworks may run away or even jump fences to try to escape the noise.

If residents in the city or outside the city limits in unincorporated Bernalillo County find that their animal is missing, residents should check at www.petharbor.com to look for their animal online and also physically check all shelters in the area to find their animal.

Bernalillo County’s shelter facility is located at 1136 Gatewood Avenue SW.

The Eastside Animal Welfare shelter is located at 8920 Lomas NE and the Westside Animal Welfare shelter is located at 11800 Sunset Gardens SW. Call 311 to contact either shelter.

Or call 468-PETS (7387) for Bernalillo County Animal Care Services, 1136 Gatewood SW.

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