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Bernalillo County Assessor Tanya R. Giddings presented her 2018 Property Valuation Maintenance Program and Annual Report to the Board of County Commissioners administrative meeting on Tuesday, June 26, 2018, for approval.

The approved maintenance program and annual report updates the board, and the public, on the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the Bernalillo County Assessor’s Office to convey logistical and budgetary requirements associated with the program.

As part of the assessor’s responsibilities, Giddings presents a written report on improvements, added valuation, increases and decreases of actual properties, and the relationships of sales prices of property sold to values of the property for property taxation purposes for the close to 275,000 taxable residential and non-residential properties.

The maintenance program is a comprehensive outline of how all departments within the Assessor’s office work together to locate, identify, determine and maintain current and correct values of property, and applying all legal exemptions. The Board uses the report in determining whether the county assessor is operating an efficient property valuation maintenance program for the County of Bernalillo.

Assessor Giddings highlighted, in Spring more than 284,000 Notices of Values sent to Bernalillo County property owners notifying them of their 2018 assessed property value for property taxation purposes for real or business personal property, livestock or manufactured homes. The unprotested total net taxable value for Bernalillo County increased by 3.26-percent, from $15.7 billion in 2017 to $16.2 billion in 2018, with just over 5,000 protests, or appeals filed.

Other highlights included for the 2018 property tax year, a little over 20,000 property transfers and ownership changes for real property were processed and reviewed, over 12,000 building permits were field checked, and the Business Personal Department reviewed over 5,000 building permits and business licenses.

This was the first year a rendition report for manufactured homes were mailed to homeowners. The 13,000 forms that were mailed out and returned provided our office with information which ensures accurate data, such as ownership, location, size, and condition, which then translates to fair and equitable assessments across the county.

As part of Assessor Giddings vigorous community and education outreach program, the Assessor’s office initiated a successful collaboration between the customer service department and New Mexico Department of Veteran Services for six property tax veteran outreaches hosted at the Assessor’s office. This allowed both offices to streamline the application process for our Veterans, and for the Department of Veteran Services to assist with other needed services where available, all while at one location. Our customer service division successfully reviewed one thousand four hundred new veteran exemptions and waiver applications.

The property valuation maintenance program and annual report also highlights the countywide canvass programs Assessor Giddings initiated for residential and manufactured homes in 2014 and for non-residential properties in 2013. The purpose for the countywide canvass programs is to ensure information in the Assessor’s computer mass appraisal system is as current as possible supporting the mission of the Assessor’s office of fair and equitable assessments for the taxpayers of Bernalillo County.

The Price Related Differential (PRD), which is determined through our sales ratio study is used to measure value related inequities for the office of the county assessor’s mass appraisal approach. The PRD between 98-percent and 103-percent shows that the low and high value sale prices are equally appraised and neither progressive nor regressive. The PRD of 100.90-percent indicates that properties overall valued in Bernalillo County are unbiased and are truly “Fair and Equitable.”

“My philosophy has been simple – treat everyone fairly and equitably,” County Assessor Tanya R. Giddings says. “I strive for an efficient, transparent, ethical, professional county government agency where you can except to receive the highest levels of good old customer service.”

The valuations that the office produces funds many aspects of state and local government – from public education, community programs, and first responders, to infrastructure projects, the Bernalillo County Assessor’s office keeps the county growing.



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