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Vitality Works to Break Ground on $7 Million Expansion


Vitality Works broke ground on the planned expansion of its manufacturing plant at 8500 Bluewater Rd., NW this morning.

Vitality Works received $7 million in industrial revenue bonds (IRB) from the county and those bonds were administered in February of 2018. The IRB funding is to be used to construct and equip the expanded facility.

“This groundbreaking highlights the importance of aiding our corporate business base and local business expansion in Bernalillo County,” says County Commissioner Debbie O’Malley. “Vitality Works will soon be able to better serve its international customer base and bolster the local economy through job creation.”

As a part of the bond issuance, Vitality Works has agreed to create an additional 60 full-time positions at its manufacturing, administrative and research facilities.

In 2011, Vitality Works was issued an IRB for $7 million for a term of 30 years for real, personal and gross receipts tax breaks.

The 2018 IRB is privately funded and will provide Vitality Works with gross receipt and personal property tax exemptions related to the expansion for a term of 23 years.

Vitality Works manufactures and distributes organic dietary supplements, in capsule and liquid form, and is a registered, over the counter drug manufacturer with the federal government.

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