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This phase in the performance cycle involves analyzing and reviewing performance with a focus on continuously improving. The Operations Excellence Office (OEO), reports all measures on the transparency site using easy-to-understand, interactive dashboards and webpages, which are used to track trends as well as tell the story about each objective and performance measure. 

It is critical that the county takes time to check in with departments to review performance data, analyze trends, and follow up on action items. During this phase, OEO conducts meetings with the department and county leadership to ensure the county is measuring what matters, gather updates or changes to existing measures, and talk about what’s working and what’s not working. 

What are the meeting logistics?

  • Meetings must be set up in a room with computer/internet access
  • OEO preps for meeting by reviewing current measures and gathering industry analysis of comparable entities
  • OEO arrives 15 minutes early to login to the computer
  • Open Strategic Plan & Department Performance webpage

  • Deputy County Manager (DCM) or County Manager, depending on the Division
  • Department Director
  • Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), person responsible for tracking/reporting the objective or performance measure data
  • Operations Excellence Office (OEO), formerly Business Improvement & Performance Office (BIPO)
  • See Roles & Responsibilities Matrix

Meeting Kickoff

  • Overview of Strategic Plan
  • Review terminology for performance measures and objectives
  • Review department performance page

Performance Review

  • Open Department Performance Page, located under the Division drop down menu on the Strategic Plan & Department Performance webpage
  • OEO guides SMEs throughout the meeting to capture updates and discuss trends.
  • Any requested changes/follow-ups are noted in the departments meeting agenda, and are fulfilled within one month of the department meeting

What are performance priorities?

By focusing on “what’s working?” and “what’s not working?”, subject matter experts (SMEs) have an opportunity to discuss accomplishments, obstacles, and updates for performance measures and objectives. Departments review the actual results in comparison to the fiscal year target for objectives and performance measures. Meetings are used to ensure meaningful measurement by focusing on “why is the measure important?” and how departments are trending toward achieving the business strategies: 


To guide departments through the performance review meeting, the Operations Excellence Office (OEO), walks departments through a series of questions to understand what’s working and what’s not working. Departments have the opportunity to discuss the successes and obstacles they face with each measure.  



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Strategic Plan Dashboard

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FY18 Performance Recap
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