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Bernalillo County is looking for ideas and input from staff, management, officials, and the community to help move the county forward in a positive and sustainable way. We want your ideas that are scalable, adaptable, and transparent to transform operations and create a lasting vision and partnership between the community and county. There are three Sustainability Goals we would like your help developing: Revenues, Expenditures, and Leadership. Each of these goals contain objectives to choose from which make up the “Sustainability Strategy.” The ideas submitted below should focus on short and long-term planning, operational and fiscal partnerships, and leadership and support throughout the community and county. The Sustainability Team is trying to collect majority of the submissions by December 31, 2016, but the county will be utilizing the submission on an ongoing basis.

The Sustainability Team will review and categorize submissions. Not all submission will be used to build the Sustainability Plan. The contact information below is OPTIONAL and the county will not contact you unless you specify otherwise.

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    What does county government mean to you, what should government do for you?

    Select the Sustainability Goal that best fits your idea: