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Plumbing and Mechanical Inspectors

The Bernalillo County plumbing and mechanical inspectors for Bernalillo County are Dawn Raia (senior inspector) and Carl Milhollin.The inspectors use the 2012 IAPMO Uniform Plumbing Code and 2012 IAPMO Uniform Mechanical Code to regulate commercial and residential new construction, remodel additions and code enforcement.

Dawn Raia can be reached at (505) 314-0370 and Carl Milhollin can be reached at (505) 314-0371. 

Bernalillo County’s plumbing/mechanical team strives to provide professional quality, courtesy and a positive inspection division. Our goals are to follow these tips for effective communications: Action instead of delay, facts instead of arguments, attention instead of neglect, patience instead of irritation, enthusiasm instead of apathy, consideration instead of insensitivity, understanding instead of a closed mind and courteous words instead of sharp replies.


To file a code enforcement complaint for plumbing or mechanical matters, please click here for the Accela Citizen Access Portal.

Common plumbing/mechanical complaints include: 

For Homeowners

It is unlawful for any person to perform any installation, alteration or any plumbing without first obtaining a plumbing permit.  Homeowners may take a homeowner test to do his/her own sanitary drain systems and domestic water service or distribution.

Homeowners may not perform any HVAC, radiant heat or natural gas work.  A New Mexico licensed contractor must perform this work. 

For information on exactly what plumbing and electrical work homeowners are allowed to do on their homes or how they can take a test and obtain a permit for performing certain work, click here for the Homeowners Section.

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