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Water conservation is essential for the sustainability of the community. In 2008, the per capita drinking water use in Bernalillo County was 161 gallons a day. Of that amount, it is estimated that 40 percent was used for landscape purposes.

Reducing the amount of water used for landscaping is one of the primary goals for both Bernalillo County and the Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority. The Water Conservation Plan for Bernalillo County (2006) and the Water Resources Management Strategy (2007), a long-range water supply plan for the metropolitan area, both emphasize reducing in the amount of drinking water used for landscape as a viable strategy for water conservation.

Taking a water-conserving approach to every development project can exert a great influence on the future sustainability of Bernalillo County.

The Standards and Guidelines information below illustrates how to do this for each major type of development. They have been organized into separate chapters that reference the Bernalillo County Zoning Code for ease in use.

The first chapter describes the physical environment of Bernalillo County, which can be divided into five biozones with similar conditions. The following three chapters detail water conservation standards and guidelines for Single Family Residential development (Chapter II); Commercial, Office, Institutional, Multi-Family Residential, Small Subdivision and Industrial development (Chapter III); and Master Planned Communities, Larger Subdivisions, and Land Planning (Chapter IV).

Also below is information on residential and commercial water conservation requirements, and a measures spreadsheet that will assist in the process.


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