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Below you can find 2016 Legislative priorities position papers.

To see the capital outlay Legislative Priorities Administrative Resolution (AR 2015-79 Amended), please click here

To see the administrative resolution endorsing the New Mexico Association of Counties 2016 legislative priorities, please click here.

New Mexico Association of Counties Legislative Priorities - 2016 Legislative Session

Bernalillo County commissioners also decided not to accept capital outlay appropriations from the State of New Mexico in 2016 on behalf of nonprofit agencies that:

  • are less than $50,000 and/or;
  • involve the purchase for a nonprofit agency of new land and/or buildings that are not under county ownership as of Jan. 1, 2016, and/or;
  • involve nonprofit agencies that have not previously received capital appropriations through Bernalillo County, or received prior approval from the county manager.

To see the Legislative Priorities Administrative Resolution (AR-2015-80), please click here. To see position papers for the Legislative Priorities, please click on the underlined items below.

1. Oppose any legislation that a) proposes any revenue reductions, b) adversely affects funding sources, or c) diminishes the county's regulatory authority, provided however that some revenue and regulatory related proposals that promote economic development and job creation will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

2. Public Safety Division:

a. Support legislation requiring the Secretary of Health to increase the compensation paid for forensic competency evaluations ordered in criminal proceedings in order to ensure a sufficient number of qualified evaluator to mitigate the current undue delay and unnecessary incarceration while waiting for competency evaluations.

b. Urge HSD to promulgate Crisis Response Regulations and ask HSD to seek input on these drafted regulations from Bernalillo County.

c. Request $1,360,000 for behavioral health programs and services that focus on intensive case management.

d. Request $1,500,000 for behavioral health programs and services that focus on crisis response services.

e. Support funding for residential substance abuse treatment and supportive aftercare services for children and adolescents in New Mexico.

f. Request $900,000 in operational funding for a behavioral health crisis respite pilot project that would allow for emergency respite services for clients requiring continued stabilization once they have been stabilized in a hospital setting. The funding could be routed through MCO’s as a value added service. 

g. Expand Medicaid’s transportation services for behavioral health clients. Currently Medicaid pays for transportation on a limited basis as dictated by the client’s service plan. Expanding this service to provide transportation to the high volume of behavioral health utilizers, instead of simply based on medical need, would allow clients to stay out of crisis for longer periods of time. 

h. Support the constitutional amendment on bail and bond reform as recommended by the Bernalillo County Criminal Justice Review Commission and proposed by the NM Supreme Court.

i. Introduce legislation to extend the term, which expired July 1, 2015, of the Bernalillo County Criminal Justice Review Commission (BCCJRC) created by the legislature via HB 608 in 2013, for a five-year term, and to retain the BCCJRC under the supervision of the New Mexico Supreme Court.

j. Oppose any legislation that would move LDWI funds to HSD or to any other programs, offices, or departments, provided however, that if provisions in contract, rule or statute assure an equivalent or greater amount of prevention or treatment resources for existing alcohol or substance abuse services for Bernalillo County, including social model detox, then a diversion of funds for the purpose of matching federal Medicaid funds may be considered for support. 

k. Support legislation to fund the initiatives of the Bernalillo County Criminal Justice Reform Commission (BCCJRC) by providing funds for the reforms necessary to advance the criminal justice system in Bernalillo County.

l. Support legislation proposed by and/or funding to another governmental entity that:

i. Increases funding for mental health and substance abuse counseling in public schools.

ii. Supports funding for early childhood intervention programs.

3. Community Services Division:

a. Amend NMSA 1978 34-7-1, Probate Judge Authorized, and or other appropriate section/s, to include language for judicial requirements to include an active New Mexico bar license in good standing, with a minimum two years practice experience, for counties with a population of 600,000 or more.  

b. Amend NMSA 1978 34-7-14, Fees of Probate Court Clerks, to increase the docket filing fee from $30.00 to $50.00.

c. Support legislation that would provide for limited liability in agritourism activities.

d. Support legislative funding for HB542 Community Schools Act that provides extended learning opportunities, increases family engagement and support services, and supports school-based or linked health care.

4. Finance Division:

a. Support a legislative memorial with input from local governments to evaluate property taxes in conjunction with the overall revamping of the Gross Receipts Tax system, local government hold harmless distributions, the 3/8th increment, and all local option taxes.

b. Yield Control Issues:

i. Support an amendment to Section 7-38-34 NMSA 1978 that removes the requirement for the County Commission to issue its own order and increases the five day rule.  

ii. Amend Section 7-37-7 NMSA 1978 Property Tax Language. Request that the legislature appoint a committee of state and local economic and finance professionals tasked to develop a mechanism allowing taxing authorities the ability to decrease or maintain prior year tax rates while still maintaining the intent of the property tax law.  

c. Introduce legislation allowing public bodies in Class A counties to delegate authority for making certain determinations regarding sales of public securities.

d. Introduce a memorial that amends the State Procurement Code exemption(s) to include Pay Equity Disclosure and Best Practices.

5. Public Works Division:

a. Clarify state law concerning the authority of New Mexico counties to establish user fees with utilities.  

b. Urge the State of New Mexico to pursue of primacy for the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) program.

To see position papers for the capital outlay appropriation requests, please click on the underlined items below.

A resolution establishing the legislative capital outlay priorities for Bernalillo County for the 52nd Legislature, second session, of the State of New Mexico.

Community Services Division 

  1. $1,000,000 to purchase land and or demolition, and to plan, design, construct and equip a South Valley Aquatics Facility (BC CIP ID NO. 1936; State ICIP #18082).
  2. $1,400,000 to purchase land and or facility, and to plan, design, construct and equip a Mid-North Valley Recreation Center (BC CIP ID NO. 2102; State ICIP #31276).
  3. $1,000,000 to purchase land and/or facility, and to plan, design, construct, renovate, and equip it to serve as a multiservice health and social service clinic in Bernalillo County Commission District 3 (BC CIP ID NO. 2163; State ICIP #31279).
  4. $1,000,000 for site improvements and to plan, design, construct and equip expansion of Los Vecinos Community Center. (BC CIP ID NO. 1917; State ICIP #21568).
  5. $1,067,000 for adjacent land acquisition, building demolition and to plan, design, construct, and equip a South Valley boxing/wrestling gym to be located at Los Padillas Community Center and adjacent land (BC CIP ID NO. 2151; State ICIP # 25 31005).
  6. $500,000 to purchase land and/or a facility and to plan, design, renovate, construct, furnish, and equip an indoor multi-use sports facility (BC CIP ID NO. 1939; State 28 ICIP #12885).
  7. $75,000 to plan, design, construct, furnish, and equip a xeric neighborhood pocket park at Cielo Vista Circle Park (BC CIP ID NO. 2104; State ICIP # 30358)
  8. $200,000 to plan, design, restore, construct, equip, install, and furnish Phase III improvements to the UNM North Golf Course Urban Open Space, including purchase and planting of new trees, vegetative restoration to prevent erosion and storm water damage, restoration of a historical structure in the open space (John 35 Gaw Meem), and new signage and benches (BC CIP ID NO. 2026; State ICIP 36 #28418)

Public Works Division

  1. $534,176 for improvements to the Second Street and Rio Bravo intersection, construct additional eastbound through lane and westbound through lane on Rio Bravo, and adjust existing infrastructure (BC CIP ID NO. 105; State ICIP # 21688).
  2. $3,000,000 for construction of the North Valley Utility Project which includes the Sanitary Sewer phase (BC CIP ID NO. 2041; State ICIP # 28436).
  3. $800,000 for site preparation and to plan, design, construct, equip and install two Public Safety Officers Memorials in Bernalillo County (BC CIP ID NO. 2027; State 9 ICIP #28616).
  4. $1,000,000 for District 5 road improvements to include new paving and rehabilitation (BC CIP ID NO. 3 and 2010; State ICIP # 28477).
  5. $1,000,000 for District 4 road improvements to include new paving and rehabilitation (BC CIP ID NO. 3 and 2010; State ICIP #28503). 

Public Safety Division

  1. $600,000 to renovate, remodel, equip and furnish Fire Station 36 residential headquarters (BC CIP ID NO. 1983; State ICIP #18082).
  2. REAUTHORIZE $145,000 from grant 15-0663 appropriated to Bernalillo County for a technical response unit and instead purchase a fire engine.
  3. $455,000 to purchase a fire engine for BCFD. 

Sheriff's Office

  1. $940,000 to purchase vehicles for BCSO
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