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Bernalillo County administers a credit card program designed to provide an effective and efficient method for approved County purchases. The purchase of qualified goods, services and travel are made utilizing one credit card. Cardholders can be authorized to make goods/services purchases, travel purchases, or both depending on needs of the department.

The credit card program is designed to make it easier and more cost effective for the County to procure small dollar purchases of qualifying goods and services up to $4,999.99 and qualifying goods and services from County Price Agreements up to $10,000. This streamlines the procurement process by replacing the need for petty cash, low-value approvals, and certain purchase orders of $4,999.99 or less.

The credit card program was designed as an alternative to the traditional purchasing process. If used to its potential, the program will result in a significant reduction in the volume of purchase orders, related documentation and corresponding work processes associated with invoice payments and issuing checks.

Using an interactive reporting tool, powered by OpenGov, the County is able to provide transparent, easy to understand data to residents. OpenGov charts and graphs allow users to click through credit card information to answer important questions. With this information, the County can provide interactive data about card holders, transaction amounts, and vendors to the community.

This OpenGov report includes credit card transactions for County Commissioners, Commission Assistants, Commission Liaison, County Manager, and the Executive Officer to the County Manager.

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