Human Resources

Whether you are just beginning your career, seeking a new career, or just looking for a new challenge, Bernalillo County knows you have many options.

We are always interested in visiting with people who want to be part of our team of 2,300 people whose mission is to serve the residents and visitors of New Mexico’s most populous county.

Bernalillo County has a comprehensive benefits and retirement program, as well as wellness and continuing education training opportunities and reimbursements. Click on the image to the right to see the entire benefits program booklet.

Below is a summary of just some of the benefits you’ll receive as a Bernalillo County team member.


Click here for the 2021 Benefits Booklet.







Health Insurance

Bernalillo County offers two health plans from which an employee may choose with Presbyterian Health Plan which offers an Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO) and Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plans. Plans also include options for spouses, domestic partners and dependent children. All health insurance premiums are deducted before taxes are assessed. Your annual cost of medical coverage depends on the benefit options you choose and the level of coverage you need.


Presbyterian LogoPresbyterian EPO Benefits Summary
Presbyterian PPO Benefits Summary

Dental Insurance

Delta Dental Logo

Delta Dental Plan Benefits Summary



Bernalillo County’s employee dental plan offers plan designs featuring two provider networks (both in-network).

Delta Dental PPO
Delta Dental PPO dentists have agreed to the deepest discounts. Selecting a dentist that participates in this network will result in the highest level of benefits and lowest out-of-pocket cost.

Delta Dental Premier
The Delta Dental Premier network provides enrollees with the most extensive access to providers. Because the Delta Dental PPO network does not include specialty dentists in every category, and because some enrollees have already established relationships with their dentists, Delta Dental Premier dentists may also be selected for any service.

Vision Insurance

Davis Vision

EyeMed Benefits Summary



Bernalillo County’s employee vision plan through EyeMed offers comprehensive benefits while ensuring low out-of-pocket cost to members and families. EyeMed in-network providers have agreed to the deepest discounts. Selecting a provider that participates in this network will result in the highest level of benefits and the lowest out-of-pocket cost. Healthy eyes and clear vision are an important part of your overall health and quality of life – and your vision plan helps you care for your eyes while saving you money.

Life Insurance

         Life Insurance Plan Benefits Summary


All benefit-eligible employees receive county-paid term life insurance in the amount of $40,000. Voluntary Supplemental Term Life Insurance is available should an employee want to purchase additional amounts of coverage; and employees may also purchase coverage for their spouse and eligible dependents.

Short/Long Term Disability Insurance

‚ÄčShort-Term Disability Benefits Summary and Long-Term Disability Benefits Summary 

Disability insurance provides a monetary benefit to employees who are forced to be absent from work due to a non-job related injury and/or illness. There are two levels of coverage from which to select.

Short-Term Disability Insurance

Option 1: Pays up to $250 per week (after 30-day waiting period)

Option 2: Pays up to $500 per week (after 30-day waiting period)

Long-Term Disability Insurance

Pays 50% of your monthly income up to a maximum of $10,000.     

Prescription Benefits

                 Prescription Benefits Summary 


Bernalillo County has selected Presbyterian as the Pharmacy Benefits Manager for the upcoming plan year. 


457 Deferred Compensation Supplemental Retirement Plan


The Bernalillo County Deferred Compensation Plan is a supplemental retirement plan available to benefit eligible county employees. The purpose of the Deferred Compensation Plan is to encourage employees to save for retirement.  It provides eligible employees with a convenient way to save on a regular and long-term basis for their retirement.

Contributions are made on a pre-tax basis and allow employees to defer federal and state income taxes. Pre-tax contributions and their earnings will remain tax-deferred until withdrawn after separation of employment from the county.

Contribution Limits

457 Plan 2014 2015
Regular Contribution Limit $17,500 $18,000
Age 50 and Over Contribution Limit $23,000 $24,000
DAR (Catch-up) Contribution Limit $17,500 $18,000

For more information and enrollment options, please contact the representatives below.

Voya - Paul Lium - (505) 699-8548 or (505) 989-4992


Flexible Spending Accounts

Benefits Summary Booklet


Bernalillo County’s Cafeteria Plan includes voluntary participation in the Flexible Spending Account Plans.    

BASIC Flex - you may choose to participate in one or both the flexible spending accounts:

  • Medical Reimbursement Account
  • Dependent Care Account

With the Medical Reimbursement Account, you can save 15 to 40 percent on your out-of-pocket expenses that are not covered by the medical, dental or vision plans. Simply calculate your estimated expenses for the year and have that amount set aside in a Medical Reimbursement Account. The money is taken from your check before taxes, so you don’t pay most federal, state, Social Security and Medicare taxes on that amount.

The Dependent Care Account allows you to set aside tax-free dollars for eligible day care expenses for your dependents. A Dependent Care Account is a great way to defer child care costs. Someone in a 15-percent tax bracket with the maximum $5,000 election would save $1,132 in one year using BASIC Flex. 

BASIC Parking & Transit - You can also save money on your parking and transit costs (up to 40 percent) by joining the Parking and Transit Plan administered by BASIC. You can pay for your work-related parking and mass transit costs with tax-free dollars. There is no cost to you to participate in this plan.

Parking Plan Limits:

  • Parking: $250 per month
  • Transit: $130 per month

Any unused funds continue to roll over month-to-month as long as you are an active employee. Requests for reimbursement must be made within six months of the pre-tax contribution.


As a Bernalillo County employee, one of the most valuable benefits is your retirement plan. Your employment with Bernalillo County provides you access to membership in the Public Employees Retirement Association of New Mexico (PERA). Depending on your position with the county, you will most likely be required to participate in this plan. 

PERA is a defined benefit plan. That means both you and Bernalillo County contribute a certain percentage (you from your salary, employer from its funds) towards your retirement. Bernalillo County provides a very lucrative contribution on behalf of its employees. In most cases Bernalillo County contributes almost 75 percent of the employees’ contribution. Benefits are paid when certain age and service credit eligibility requirements are met, regardless of the amount of member contributions paid into the plan.

PERA administers two tiers of benefits:

  • TIER 1 – you are in Tier 1 if you are hired for the first time on or before June 30, 2013; had member contributions on account as of June 30, 2013; or were retired as of June 30, 2013. Employees are vested after five years of earned service credit.
  • TIER 2 – you are in Tier 2 if you were a new member hired on or after July 1, 2013. Employees are vested as follows;
    • General Members- non-public safety employees (State General and Municipal General Members) are vested after earning eight years of service credit.
    • Public Safety members are vested after earning six years of service credit.
    • TIER 2 Member Handbook 2015

Different plan benefits are applied to each tier.

Beyond normal retirement requirements, PERA also provides benefits for members who must leave service before retirement age because of a disability.

Retirement Planning

As a Bernalillo County employee, you will fall into one of five PERA retirement plans.

  • PERA Municipal Plan 3 (full-time, regular employees)
  • PERA Municipal Plan 2 (some temporary, term and part-time employees)
  • PERA Municipal Detention Officer Plan 1 (MDC corrections employees; YSC detention employees)
  • PERA Municipal Fire Plan 5 (IAFF & fire management employees)
  • PERA Municipal Police Plan 5 (BCDSA & BCSO management employees)

Attend a Bernalillo County Pre-Retirement Seminar

Bernalillo County Human Resources Department presents a Pre-Retirement Seminar three times per year. You should plan on attending one of these seminars if you are two years from retirement. Each seminar offers presentations from representatives from:

  • County benefits (county retirement process)
  • PERA
  • NM Retiree Healthcare Authority
  • County Deferred Compensation providers
  • Social Security
  • Estate planning attorneys
  • County wellness (life after retirement)

Early Retirement (Conversion)

Early retirement allows employees to leave their job early (prior to their effective retirement date) while still earning service credit toward retirement. 

  • You will continue to have the same deductions you had as an active employee.
  • You will use vacation first and all accruals will stop.
  • You can then use sick leave, but all accruals of leave will stop.
  • You are not eligible for salary increases during this period.

Cash Out/Rollover to Deferred Compensation Account

You may decide that instead of entering into an early retirement, you want to cash-out or rollover your unused sick/annual leave balances. You can either have the balance cashed out, which will be subject to immediate and substantive payroll taxes; or you can elect to have your balances rolled over to a deferred compensation account and defer most of the applicable taxes. If you don’t already have a deferred compensation account, you will need to meet with one of the county’s deferred compensation representatives to set up an account. This should be done at least four to six months prior to your retirement date. 

Cash-out schedules:

  • Rules & Regulations employees - 1 for 1 up to 1,250 hours, thereafter 3 for 2
  • Blue Collar employees – 1 for 1 up to 1,500, thereafter 3 for 2
  • White Collar employees – 1 for 1 up to 1000 hours, thereafter 3 for 2
  • BCDSA employees– 1 for 1 for all hours when retiring July 1 – March 31; 3 for 2 for all hours when retiring April 1 – June 30
  • IAFF Employees – 1 for 1 for all hours.
  • Vacation leave will be paid 1 for 1.

Reciprocity Service

During your career you may have worked for an entity covered by the NM Educational Retirement Board or in a position covered under the Judicial or Magistrate retirement plans. Reciprocity service may be combined toward retirement eligibility and used to calculate pension benefits under their specific formulas. Please contact PERA if you believe you have reciprocity service.

Purchase of Service Credit

You are eligible to purchase certain types of service credit such as withdrawn, military and air time. Purchasing service can increase your monthly benefit and may allow you to retire earlier. If you participate in our deferred compensation plan or another qualified retirement plan you may be eligible to roll over funds tax free.

Longevity Pay

Bernalillo County rewards employees who are dedicated to the overall success of our organization. Longevity Pay is an incentive to help recruit and retain a highly skilled workforce.  Below you will find a breakdown of the longevity pay structure for each of the pay groups within the county.

Blue, White Collar

120 - 179 months $100 per pay period
180 - 239 months $150 per pay period
240 months + $200 per pay period

Rules and Regulations

5 - 10 years $50 per pay period
10 - 15 years $75 per pay period
15 - 20 years $100 per pay period
20 years + $125 per pay period


Employees with three or more consecutive and continuous years of service as a Bargaining Unit member will receive longevity pay beginning on July 1 after their third year. Once in the longevity program, longevity will be distributed by the following scale for the remaining years of service:

Years 1 - 3 Accrue 1.5 percent per year added to base pay after year 3
Years 4 through 14 1.5 percent per year added to base pay each year.
Years 15 - Retirement 3 percent per year added to base pay each year with a maximum total of benefit of 33 percent


  Deputy First Class Sergeant Lieutenant
25 - 60 months $1,001 $1,198 $1,432
61 - 120 months $2,002 $2,396 $2,864
121 - 180 months $3,003 $3,594 $4,296
181 + months $4,004 $4,793 $5,728

Metropolitan Detention Center

Bargaining Unit employees who have exhibited departmental dedication and have served continuously with MDC/BCDC for 15 years or more will be entitled to the following compensation: $200 per pay period.

Youth Services Center

0 - 59 months $0 per pay period
60 - 119 months $50 per pay period
120 - 179 months $75 per pay period
180 - 239 months $100 per pay period
240 months - retirement $125 per pay period


Annual/Sick Leave & Personal Holidays

Bernalillo County offers a generous leave policy for employees. Employees accrue both annual and sick leave. The county also offers three personal holidays each fiscal year. Accrual schedules are provided below.

Sick Leave

Rules and Regulations Employees: Sick leave hours shall accrue on the basis of one hour for every 20 hours of work. Sick leave is calculated on the number of hours worked up to 40 hours per week, including vacation, paid sick leave, personal holidays, and holidays and any other paid leave status. Sick leave does not accrue while the employee is on injury time, overtime, or leave without pay.

Blue, White, BCDSA, MDC, YSC EmployeesSick leave accumulates, without limitation, at the rate of one hour for each 20 regular straight-time hours in a paid status. Sick leave shall not qualify as time worked for the purpose of calculating overtime.

Fire: Sick leave accumulates, without limitation, at the rate of .05 hours for each one hour worked in a regular paid status. Sick leave shall not qualify as time worked for the purpose of calculating overtime.

Annual Leave

Rules and Regulations Employees

County Service Time Regular Hours Worked Accrual Days Accrued

0 – 60 months



13.0 days

61 – 120 months



16.9 days

121 – 180 months



19.5 days

181 – 240 months



22.1 days

241 – 300 months



26.0 days

300 months +



28.6 days


Blue Collar, White Collar Employees

County Service Time Regular Hours Worked Accrual Days Accrued

6 – 59 months



13.0 days

60 – 119 months



16.9 days

120 – 179 months



19.5 days

180 – 239 months



22.1 days

240 – 299 months



26.0 days

300 months +



28.6 days


International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) Employees

County Service Time Regular Hours Worked Accrual

Up through 5 years


.05 hours

6 - 10 years


.065 hours

11 - 15 years


.075 hours

16 years +


.085 hours


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