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BernCo Board Honors Employees of the Quarter


The Employee Recognition Committee presents seven employees to the Board of Commissioners to receive the recognition of Employee of the Quarter. Each person selected received the highest ranking in their division. The recognition committee ranked each nomination form submitted and selected the employee from each division with the highest average. The Board of County Commissioners recognize and appreciate the hard work and dedication of seven employees who have shown exemplary dedication to Bernalillo County.


Division 1 (County Manager) – Eric Schuler

Eric joined the county over 15 years ago after being recruited away from the District Attorney’s Office where he was an Assistant D.A. He has worked many long hours over the years on varied projects from the County’s Charter, to the Clerk’s election-related matters, and everything in between. He is known for his excellent legal research and extensive knowledge of the law. That, coupled with his many years of experience working in the government sector, has earned him the fond nickname “Professor Schuler.”

While Eric is quick to share his legal knowledge, sharing facts of a personal nature does not come as naturally! He graduated from Northeastern University School of Law in 1993, and his first legal job was at the District Attorney’s office in Silver City. When not working, he enjoys hunting and backpacking.





Division 2 (Community Services) – Deanna Creighton Cook

Deanna joined the county in 2016 and is currently the Community School Manager. After volunteering at her children’s school, she became one of the first Community School Coordinators working for the ABC Community School Partnership, guiding the creation of many unique innovations such as the Homework Diner Program which has been replicated in 15 other states. She is excited about the future of education in Albuquerque and looks forward to continuing creation and expansion of more unique programs and services.

Upon moving to Albuquerque from Vermont nine years ago, Deanna wondered:

  • Where would she fit in?
  • What would she do with her time?

She does not wonder about these any more, and she has not been disappointed! In her free time she enjoys reading, skiing and refining her newly-acquired golf skills.





Division 3 (Finance) – David Odams

David joined the county as an IT PC Technician four years ago. He constantly seeks new projects and works to expand and improve his skills in preparation for same. Recently he volunteered to take on the Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) upgrade, a massive project that required significant coordination between multiple vendors, county departments, and staff. The success of this project lays largely on his shoulders for coordinating these efforts and doing what was necessary for successful deployment.

He lives in Albuquerque with wife Angela and eight-year-old son, Leo. He enjoys building Lego projects with his son, to include pre-packaged sets and creations of their design such as a T-Rex dinosaur. As time permits, he practices close-up magic, and illustration art and acrylic landscape painting, inspired by the late Bob Ross.





Division 4 (Public Safety) – Sonya Baldonado

Sonya Baldonado joined the county in 2013 in the Human Resources Department, and in 2018 she became an Administrative Officer I for the Fire & Rescue Department where, among many other duties, she supports Deputy Chief Kadle. She has become very proficient in the new Telestaff and payroll systems, having to learn both old and new systems during a difficult transition and has been one of the key players in troubleshooting and fixing issues that arise.

The most honored title she holds is mother to three beautiful children. When she has the time, she enjoys camping, fishing and sightseeing. She was thrilled to be given the opportunity to climb up the ladder of one of the firetrucks, which was “probably the scariest thing she has ever done”, but can you imagine the sightseeing from there?!






Division 5 (Public Works) – Allen Serda

Allen has been with the county for four years and is currently a Heavy Equipment Operator II for the South Valley district. He is an expert driver and, having previous experience as a truck driver, he knows all about loading, tie-downs, mechanics and general operations of that profession. He can operate any county equipment to include backhoe, paver, loader, motor-grader, excavator, skid steer, and dump truck.

He has participated and represented the county in the Heavy Equipment Roadeo at the New Mexico Counties Annual Conference for the last three years. He is the operator that the mountain crews call upon to help with snow-plowing and equipment operation during inclement weather, with each crew vying for “dibs” before the storm event hits. He is always happy, eager to smile, and genuinely cares about the people around him.

Division 6 (General Services) – Chayenne Gutierrez

Chayenne has been with the county 12 years, initially as a 911 Dispatcher and currently as the Executive Assistant to the Deputy County Manager for General Services. In that role, she is instrumental in providing support not only to the DCM, but also to those involved in the Division’s many new initiatives. Her efforts in coordinating critical meetings, tasks and administrative support are key. Additionally, she is skilled in conflict resolution and insightfully offers great advice to her entire team, to include Directors.

She is married to Sheriff’s Deputy Carlos Gutierrez, and together they have a son, Lucas, and a daughter, Samone. She spends all her spare time with her family, and whenever possible visits Disneyland. She has such a deep love for Disney, that her daughter’s middle name, Marceline, is in honor of Walt Disney, who grew up Marceline, Missouri.





Division 7 (MDC) – John Martinez

Officer John Martinez has worked at MDC for 12 years, and is currently a Security Threat Group Officer. In that capacity, among other duties he is challenged by investigating attempts to traffic illicit substances, and has been very successful in uncovering such cases. Additionally, in December he worked tirelessly with other staff to enroll the current MDC population into the IRIS system, verifying each inmate’s identity and explaining the process to every inmate throughout the facility. Thanks to him and his team, the enrollment proceeded smoothly with minimal impact to operations.

John graduated from Los Lunas High School in 2001, joined the Marines in 2003, and is an Iraqi Freedom Veteran. He has been married to his wife, Elizabeth, for 14 years, and together they have three children. In his off time, he enjoys camping and hunting with family and friends.

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