Canvass Interior Questionnaire

The Bernalillo County Assessor’s Office is responsible for determining and maintaining current and correct values of all properties in the county.

Click on the map to the right to view the Residential Canvass Update. Yellow=Canvass completed. Red=Where current canvassing crews are located. Green=Where canvassing crews will go next. 
This includes tracking any changes in physical characteristics, added improvements, accelerated depreciation, or other factors that might affect each property’s value. The Assessor’s Office uses many tools and techniques to do this, including a door-to-door canvass which is currently under way.
As part of the canvass, field crews will be inspecting every property in Bernalillo County to ensure that your property is being fairly assessed.

Per IAAO (International Association for Assessment Officers) standards and by accepted Ad Valorem appraisal practices referenced in the New Mexico State Statutes (7-36-15 NMSA 1973; Regulation (C )), all properties within a jurisdiction should be inspected and reappraised on a consistent cycle of every four to six years.

When visiting your property, our staff has been asked to ring the doorbell or knock and to present their official county identification. They will never ask to enter your home. They will ask you questions about any changes that have been made to the interior of your home and then complete an exterior check of your property.
If no one is home, they will complete the exterior check of your property and then leave a yellow placard on your front door notifying you of their visit and detailing what you will need to do to complete the canvass of your property. If you need to report the interior information, you can do so by completing the Canvass Interior Questionnaire above.
Canvass crews will be wearing official green Bernalillo County vests, and each employee will have their official county identification. We have let local law enforcement agencies know where our canvass crews will be. You can check the current status of the canvass by clicking our map icon below. Our map is updated every month to ensure up-to-date information. 
Should you have any further questions, you can email us at or call us at (505)222-3731.

Canvass Interior Questionnaire

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