The Sheriff’s Office Advisory and Review Board seeks to create stronger community ties between the residents of Bernalillo County and BCSO. The public is invited to share their experiences with BCSO during public comment periods of the monthly meetings.

How Created: Bernalillo County Ordinance 2020-21

Established: September 22, 2020

Purpose: The purpose and intent of the Sheriff's Office Advisory and Review Board is to improve public transparency and accountability with respect to the Bernalillo County Sheriff's Office, by providing robust opportunities for community engagement, analysis and review of the Office's policies, practices, procedures, and provide advice to the Board of Bernalillo County Commissioners, the Sheriff's Office, and the public. This board shall serve in an advisory capacity to the Board of County Commissioners and the Sheriff’s Office.

Duties of the Board

On its own initiative, or at the request of the Board County Commissioners or the Sheriff, without interfering with the Sheriff's investigative function the Board shall:

A. complete its own investigation of the Sheriff’s Office’s operational policies, practices, processes and procedures.

B. hold public meetings to solicit public input regarding the Sheriff’s Office’s, policies, procedures, services and programs. Establish rules and procedures to ensure that its meetings provide for public comment and when necessary, include meetings focused solely on public comment.

C. communicate with and request information from the Sheriff, including but not limited to, completed disciplinary actions, finalized internal affairs investigations, and operating policies, to complete its review, analysis and investigations.

D. determine whether an independent expert audit or review of the Sheriff’s Office’s operational policies, process and procedures is required.

Membership/Terms: The board shall be made up of nine members. Each Commissioner shall appoint one member from their district and four shall be at-large members selected by the commission from the pool of all applicants. The terms of the all members shall be four years. Preferably, the four at-large members will have experience, knowledge, or skill in at least one of the following areas: community service, military service, public safety service, criminal law, civil rights, or law enforcement research. Annually, at the first meeting of the calendar year, the board shall elect its chair and vice-chair.

Meeting: 2020-2021 Schedule

For the latest member information, please visit the Boards+ page on the Meeting Portal at the link below:

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