UNMH Board of Trustees


Lease Agreement between Bernalillo County and UNM Board of Regents 6/8/99; Amendment date June, 2004.

Meeting Time/Location

Second Tuesday of the month, 9 a.m., Bill & Barbara Richardson Pavilion, UNMH, Room 1500


The purpose of the Board will be to provide oversight to the clinical operations of the UNM Hospital in a responsible and proper manner so as to enable the UNM Hospital to provide or arrange for provision of high quality healthcare services to HSC (University Health Science Center) patients and to support the teaching and clinical research missions of the HSC.   


Pursuant to the Lease Agreement, the Board is composed of nine (9) members. Two (2) members are appointed by the Commissioners, and seven (7) members are appointed by the Regents. One of the members appointed by the Regents will be a Pueblo Indian, who is nominated by the All Indian Pueblo Council. The members of the Board will include a broad representation of the community served by the UNM Hospital. 

Voting Board members appointed by the Commissioners and the Regents will not include any County Commissioners or any Regents. Not more than one physician from the active HSC Medical Staff may be appointed to the Board of the Regents. 

Board members will be appointed for staggered terms for three (3) years or less, and will be appointed in such a manner that the terms of not more than three members expire on June 30 of each year. Board members who have served one full three-year term may be reappointed for not more than one additional consecutive three-year term. Each member of the Board will serve until his or her successor is duly appointed and qualified. Vacancies on the Board will be filled by appointment by the Commissioners or the Regents, depending on which appointed the Board member whose Board service has terminated. A person appointed to fill a vacancy on the Board will serve for the remainder of the term of the Board member who position has become vacant and until his or her successor is duly appointed and qualified.

Ex Officio Members. The University’s President, the University’s Chancellor for Health Science, the Dean for the UNM School of Medicine, the University’s Executive Vice President for Finance and Administration, the Associate Vice President for Finance and Administration (HSC), the Vice President of Clinical Affairs/Senior Associate Dean of Clinical Affairs, School of Medicine, the Vice President of Hospital Operations (or their respective functional successors to each of these positional ex-officio members of the UNMH BOT), and the Chief of Staff of the HSC Medical Staff will serve as ex officio members of the Board without vote. The Commissioners will have the right to appoint one or more non-voting ex officio members to the Board, and a current listing of any ex officio members so appointed in writing by the Commissioners shall be maintained by the Secretary of the Board. 

Members will serve a three (3) year term. 

For the latest member information, please visit the Boards+ page on the Meeting Portal at the link below:




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