County Clerk

Fair and honest elections are the cornerstone of our democracy. Our system of self-government depends upon citizens' faith in the election system. We cannot do it without your help and serving as an election board member is rewarding and fun. Apply today!

Who Can Apply?

  • Registered voters in Bernalillo County*
  • Cannot be a candidate or related to any candidate currently on the ballot
  • Cannot be employed by law enforcement
  • Must be mentally and physically able to perform the assigned duties


  • Put patriotism into action and serve our community in an important position of trust
  • Meet and work with interesting people in the community
  • Break out of the everyday routine, and
  • Earn a little money.


Election Day: Election board officials must report to duty at 6 a.m. and will work until all duties are performed.


Election board officials must attend a four- to eight-hour training session prior to the election to ensure a thorough understanding of the election process, maintaining the integrity of the election, and respective roles as an election board official.


Election board officials are paid for their service, including training. A flat rate is paid to those who work Election Day.

Online Application

An online application program is now available. Communication to applicants will be through e-mail or text messaging to schedule skills assessments, coordinate training, and to hire qualified election board officials. The process is easy, and enables the Bureau of Elections to better serve our constituents in an efficient and innovate way. Training resources, videos and communication tools are also available electronically and assure ready and knowledgeable poll officials for service during early voting and election day.

Click here to apply today!

*Student Election Clerks 16 or 17 years of age are eligible to participate.

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