External Audits

Bernalillo County is mandated by the State of New Mexico to contract with an independent public accounting firm to conduct the annual financial audit. The audit is to ensure that the county is following the required standards for financial reporting, and that the financial statements fairly represent the county’s financial position.

The General Ledger Section of the county’s Accounting Department (is responsible for the preparation of the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, or CAFR. Also, the Popular Annual Financial Report (PAFR) is prepared, which contains county information and excerpts from the CAFR.

Internal Audits

View internal audits.

In addition, the county’s Audit Ordinance mandates that the county perform internal audits to improve internal controls, to verify adherence to established policies and procedures, and to increase effectiveness and efficiency. The county retains an internal audit contractor to conduct the county’s internal audits.

Audit Committee

The county has in place an Audit Committee, comprised of three members recommended by the County Manager and approved by the Board of County Commissioners. Its purpose is to provide the internal audit contractor with general guidance, set priorities and potential areas for investigation, and give advisement regarding technical issues.

It also independently reviews, examines and reports on the county’s financial condition, accuracy of record keeping, results and benefits, and legal requirements.

Other Audits

Other audits may be conducted as required.

MDC Forensic Audit Services - March 2020

Additional External Audits

County Treasurer's Special Audit
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