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Departments track measures that allow the community visibility into the way the county conducts services to produce faster, better quality results while using less physical and financial resources to meet community needs through innovative solutions. Business strategies are used to categorize the measures and explain the “how” and “why” departments set targets to achieve results. The business strategies are built around simple, easy-to-understand terminology that minimize jargon and keeps the focus on “measuring what matters” rather than evaluating input versus output measures. Business strategies help to focus the county’s efforts on measures to enhance services to better meet the needs of the community.

Increased Efficiency

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Doing things in the right manner. Is efficiency increased by doing work faster, with fewer resources or less overtime?

Increased Effectiveness

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Doing the right things. Is effectiveness increased by eliminating errors or better meeting the public need?

Cost Avoidance / Risk Mitigation

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Are risks being mitigated? Are costs being avoided?


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Is visibility enhanced? Is there transparency?


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Are processes and technologies being used to do things differently, implement new ideas, or enhance services?
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