Annually, Bernalillo County issues bonds to help finance the construction of recreational facilities, roads and other vital infrastructure. 

Official statements accompany each bond offering and the types of debt the county issues include the following:

General Obligation Debt (G.O. Bonds)

The county can issue general obligation debt, backed by the full faith, credit and taxing power of the county, subject to voter approval and subject to adherence to the state of New Mexico Constitution.The state of New Mexico Constitution limits the county’s general obligation debt to four percent of the value of taxable property from the last assessment. The table below represents the county's current outstanding General Obligation Bonds.

 Bond Series

 Official Statements
Bond Ratings  
 Standard & Poor's   Moody's    Fitch  
GO Series 2020  Official Statements AAA Aaa AAA
GO Series 2019  Official Statements AAA Aaa AAA
GO Series 2018  Official Statements  AAA Aaa AAA

GO Series 2017

 Official Statements AAA Aaa AAA

GO Series 2016A

 Official Statements AAA Aaa AAA
GO Series 2016  Official Statements AAA Aaa AAA
GO Series 2015A  Official Statements  AAA Aaa AAA
GO Series 2015  Official Statements  AAA Aaa AAA
GO Series 2014A    Official Statements  AAA  Aaa  AAA
GO Series 2014  Official Statements  AAA  Aaa  AAA
GO Series 2013  Official Statements  AAA  Aaa  AAA
GO Series 2012A  Official Statements  AAA  Aaa  -
GO Series 2012  Official Statements  AAA  Aaa  -
GO Series 2010  Official Statements  AAA  Aaa  AAA
GO Series 2009A  Official Statements  AAA  Aa1  AA+


Gross Receipts Bonds (GRT Bonds)

Gross Receipts Bonds may be issued in response to public need without voter authorization. Long-term debt may be incurred for only the purposes as provided by the State of New Mexico Constitution or state law, which include capital improvements and long-term assets associated with, but not limited to, constructing, acquiring, improving county or public parking lots, structure or facilities; or any combination of the foregoing. The table below represents Bernalillo County's current outstanding Gross Receipts Bonds.

 Bond Series

 Official Statements (click to view)
Bond Ratings
 Standard & Poor's  Moody's  Fitch
 GRT Series 2017A and 2017B    Official Statements AAA Aa2 AA+
 GRT Series 2010A & 2010B   Official Statements AAA Aa2 AA+
 GRT Series 2005  Official Statements AAA Aa2 AA+
 GRT Series 1998  Official Statements not available on PDF       
 GRT Series 1996B  Official Statements not available on PDF       



Enterprise Revenue Bonds 

In addition to G.O. and GRT bonds, the county may from time to time find it necessary to issue bonds secured by revenues of its enterprise systems, such as solid waste.

Special Assessment Districts Bonds (SADs Bonds)
The county may issue SAD bonds. SAD bonds are limited to revenues from assessments against those who directly benefit from the project and the funds have been used to finance the project.

Conduit Financing

The county may sponsor conduit financing for activities that have a general public purpose and are consistent with the County’s overall service and policy objectives as described in the Conduit Financing Policy. Additional Information can be found at:


This material and data is for informational purposes only and is not intended to contain, and does not contain, the information necessary to make investment decisions. Do not rely on the information within the Investor Relations Portal as a basis for investment decisions.

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