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  • Financial Transparency: Webinar presentation through GFOA discussing the evolution of transparency and accountability at the county through interactive reports and dashboards built for internal use by departments and shared publicly to enhance visibility into county operations 
  • Moving Beyond ERP: Presentation at the GFOA Conference in St. Louis providing an in depth overview of the counties ERP system for financial management and how the county has leveraged that data for enhanced analytics 
  • OpenGov Webinar More with Less: Presentation at GFOA Conference in Denver discussing how utilizing OpenGov has helped change the way the county analyzes data to make decisions through interactive graphs and reports 
  • OpenText VIM Bernalillo Delivers Efficiency Productivity and Savings: Presentation about how Bernalillo County reduce bottlenecks and enhanced visibility by automating vendor payment approvals to improve performance impacting internal stakeholders, citizens, and vendors  
  • Performance Management & Budget Monitoring: Presentation at the GFOA Conference in Salt Lake City discussing budget monitoring through interactive dashboards, as well as developing and analyzing performance measures to enhance strategic planning efforts 
  • Getting Others to Understand Performance Management: Webinar presentation hosted by Bernco about training the organization on strategic planning and the performance management process 
  • Webinar Recording: Getting Others to Understand Performance Management 

  • Contract Listing: Department specific training for Procurement & Business Services to train purchasing staff on the Contract Listing report in OpenGov 
  • Parks Training Outline: Training outline for department specific training in OpenGov 
  • OpenGov Quarterly Budget Review: Annual training for budget liaisons to update them on new functionality and processes using OpenGov 
  • Quarterly Budget Saved Views: Detailed breakdown of each saved view used in the quarterly budget reports illustrating what data is included or excluded from each view and how to customize the view 
  • Budget vs Actuals Report Navigation: Detailed guide to navigate budget vs actuals reports in OpenGov 
  • Department Director Meeting: This information was covered at a Department Directors meeting to share new functionality in OpenGov, as well as promote upcoming training opportunities 
  • OpenGov Reports & Navigation: Provides an in-depth look at available reports and general navigation of operational reports  

  • Strategic Plan Overview - 40 hr Supervisor: This information is covered at the quarterly 40-hour supervisor training to highlight the strategic plan and how performance measures and objectives relate to supervisors in their day to day jobs 
  • DCM Performance Management Meeting: Recap of the Strategic Plan, Performance Reporting Process, and terminology at the performance meeting with the Deputy County Manager and departmental staff 
  • Strategic Plan - Measuring What Matters: New Elected Official Onboarding is hosted by HR at the start of the newly elected official’s term and OpEx provides Strategic Plan and Performance Process Training as part of this initiative 

  • Effectively Tracks Performance Measures and Saves Time with OpenGov: Case study about Bernalillo County’s performance management process and how dashboards were used to enhance storytelling and improve operational efficiencies 
  • 3 Inspiring Government Performance Management Leaders to Watch in 2019: Article in “Governing The States and Localities” reviewed three performance management leaders and their 5 best practices for developing a successful performance program 

  • OpenGov Training Handout: One-page handout covering basic OpenGov navigation and functionality 
  • OpenGov Easy Reference Guide: Printable booklet with tips in tricks to navigate OpenGov 
  • FY19-20 Performance Process: Flowchart illustrating the FY19/20 performance process 


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