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What is the Resource Re-entry Center?

The Resource Re-entry Center (RRC) is the first stop for individuals released from the Metropolitan Detention Center as they reintegrate into the community. It will help former inmates navigate the transition from jail back into society by offering access to the services and support they may need to stabilize, stay healthy, regain self-sufficiency and break the cycle of recidivism.

The RRC is open 24/7 and is located at 401 Roma Ave NW with service onsite during peak hours to assist people with the transition. At this point the RRC is only available to individuals being dropped off by MDC. Individuals who have left the RRC but need further assistance or to reconnect with case managers at the RRC can call 468-7832.

How does it work?

As people are being released from the Metropolitan Detention Center, their discharge planner will work with them to develop a transition plan and inform them of the resources and services provided by the RRC. The shuttle that transports them from MDC will drop them off in front of the RRC. Upon entering the RRC they will be greeted by service providers who can help them access housing, job opportunities, shelter and medical treatment. They will also be able to charge their phones, access email on provided computers, get a snack or cup of coffee and get donated clothing items on-site.

The goal of the RRC is to support individuals as they transition back into the community to avoid recidivism and provide services to prevent them returning to the same circumstances that led to their arrest, which will help make our community safer.

Based on an analysis of MDC, it’s expected that approximately 21,000 individuals will be eligible to utilize the center each year.

What research supports this program?

As is the case with all the Behavioral Health Initiative programs, this program and center was developed based on national, evidence-based practices to impact the behavioral health care continuum, public safety, homelessness, the judicial system and emergency rooms.

History of the RRC

The county begin working on this idea in 2015 following a workshop hosted by the National Association of Counties and a nonprofit organization called Treatment Alternatives for Safe Communities.

Prior to the RRC opening, individuals being discharged from MDC were simply dropped off on a street corner in downtown Albuquerque. Too often, they were immediately confronted with homelessness, addiction, untreated mental illness and other challenges that frequently result in additional incarcerations. However, being discharged from jail, can operate as an effective front door for thousands who are in need of behavioral health services- that is the intention behind the RRC.

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