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                                All Bernalillo County electrical inspectors are ICC certified.

                                Sherry Mouton - O: (505) 314-0358    C: (505) 991-0377                                      
                                Anthony Esparsen - O: (505) 314-0359     C: (505) 991-0378 
                                Marvin Lamy - O: (505) 314-0357    C: (505) 991-0360

                                Email addresses are located in the "contact us" area.





The 2017 National Electrical Code and 2017 NM State Electrical Code  are used to regulate commercial and residential/new construction, remodel additions and code enforcement. Bernalillo County also enforces PNM's guidelines, serving utility guidelines, and its own most current ordinances.

  • Change of Permit Responsible Party Form
  • Homeowner Exam Procedures/Policies
  • Solar Permit Requirements
  • Required Electrical Inspections
    • Alternative Back-up System – generator rough in and final

    • Disc/Rec – Disconnect/Reconnect - initial service – must state time needed

    • Final - installation of all devices and fixtures complete

    • Generator – Generator back up system with transfer switch

    • Low Voltage – Phone, data, communication, vacuum rough in

    • Low Voltage Final - final installation complete

    • Meter Loop -   other than building service – complete service riser, meter can in place, point of attachment and service ground attached to grounding electrode.

    • Meter Loop Ganged - single box with multiple meters 

    • Mobile Home Service/Pole/Pedestal – overhead or underground service to mobile home 

    • Partial Final - final installation in partial area of building only 

    • Pocket Roof – wiring within the confines of finish ceiling and roof before roof cover up 

    • Pool Deck Grounding – ground wire in deck- # 8 cu ring or rebar 

    • Pool Final – all fixtures with GFI protection installation complete 

    • Pool Grounding – ground wire in main pool grid ground - # 8 cu ring or rebar 

    • Pre-final – Building service - complete service riser, meter can in place, point of attachment and service ground attached to grounding electrode

    • Re-inspection - 

    • Rough In – Interior and exterior wiring in walls before cover by finished walls 

    • Rough In Ceiling Grid – called on commercial project 

    • Rough In Walls Only – partial wiring in walls only 

    • Septic Service – service to feed septic branch circuit 

    • Septic System –branch circuit to septic equipment 

    • Slab –PVC raceway (conduit) installed under floor 

    • Solar System –overhead or underground 

    • Solar System Rec Meter – overhead or underground , complete service riser, meter can in place, point of attachment, service ground attached to grounding electrode.

    • Temporary Power Pole/Pedestal – installation of a temporary power used during construction

    • Trench – conduit/cable installed before cover up

    • Well Service – service to feed well system

    • Well System – branch circuit to feed well equipment

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