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Here you will find information, requirements, and permits for all aspects of having a home-based business.

For more information, please contact the county Permitting and Development Center at (505) 314-0350. At the center, permit technicians will work with each customer to review materials, intake applications, and process fees. A business license technician will also be available to assist with business licensing and renewal; and schedule inspections.

Home-Based Business Information

Conditional use

Conditional uses are expected, anticipated activities listed within each zoning designation of the Ordinance. Property owners are allowed to only make an application for a specifically referenced activity, and if approved, the conditional use does not change the underlying zoning of a property or a property or authorized other uses outside the scope of the request. An example of a conditional use may be a nursery school operating in an R-1 Zone (residential zone) or a church in an R-1 Zone.

(All criteria must be met by applicant in order to apply for a conditional use.)

It is the burden of the applicant to prove

  • The site for the proposed use is adequate in size and shape to accommodate the proposed use, including all yards, open space, walls and fence, parking areas, loading and unloading areas, landscaping and other features required by the ordinance.
  • The site for the proposed use can be developed in such a manner that traffic congestion or similar hazards will not be created; and
  • The proposed use will have no adverse effect on the neighborhood nor seriously conflict with the character of the area.
  • Please click here for the zoning conditional use application packet.
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