Planning & Development Services

Below are the necessary steps for processing a Minor (Summary Review) Subdivision request within Bernalillo County.

Submittal Requirements

  1. All submittals will be made through the Bernalillo County Zoning, Building and Planning Department and will be prepared in accordance with the current Bernalillo County Subdivision Ordinance
  2. Initial submittal must be complete. Incomplete or incorrect submittals will not be accepted or processed
  3. Submittals for Sketch and Final Plats must include:
  • Application
  • 1 copy of plat. * (Must be folded to the size of 8½ x 11.)
  • Disclosure Statement
  • Appropriate fee
  • Agent Authorization form
  • See attached checklist.

Subdivision Review Procedures

The Bernalillo County Subdivision process consists of the following general steps.

  1. The County Planning Section will distribute the application to the County Development Review Authority (CDRA) members for review and comment.
  2. Your application will be scheduled for the CDRA public meeting. An agenda will be mailed to the applicant and agent. The CDRA agenda is also available on the County website at
  3. Prior to the public meeting, CDRA members may visit the sites on the agenda. Planning staff will review cases on Comprehensive Plan and applicable Area Plans. If there are any questions on subdivision compliance with the Albuquerque/Bernalillo Comprehensive Plan or Area Plans, please contact Mari Simbana (314-0386) or staff from Planning & Development Services.
    • Stephanie Shumsky 314-0341
    • Robert Pierson 314-0334
    • Elvira Lopez 314-0384
  4. On Wednesday, prior to the public meeting, CDRA member’s comments are due to the Planning Section by 12:00 noon.
  5. At the public meeting, the CDRA chair will call each applicant forward and provide comments for the request. A copy of the comments will be made available to the applicant/agent during the public meeting. Signatures for final plat may be obtained when a member deems the plat complete.
  6. The applicant and agent will receive a Comment Notification letter from the County following the public meeting explaining the necessary requirements for final action on the plat.

NOTE: In cases of rezoning, Special Use Permits or Variances, approval must be granted prior to CDRA review.

In order to close the case file, two (2) copies of the RECORDED plat, DISCLOSURE Statement, IMPACT FEE assessment, and DFX file of the plat, must be submitted to the Planning Section. Bernalillo County WILL NOT issue any permits to the affected parcels until this is done.

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