The Technical Services section is responsible for ensuring that development is done correctly and does not adversely affect county infrastructure. This oversight is completed through the review of permit application requests and general public requests for information, ensuring compliance with floodplain and storm water issues, and on-site inspection for a wide variety of private development actions that will affect Bernalillo County Public Works Division or the general public.

Our responsibilities:

Technical Services, including the county floodplain administrator, provide many functions, such as the review of Planning and Development Services Department permits and platting actions. These permits generally consist of building permits, zoning permits, fence permits, zone changes, special use permits, and/or platting actions and are reviewed for compliance with guidance/regulatory documents such as the drainage, flood plain, street standards, regional drainage master plans and excavation ordinances.

Construction requests in rights-of-way or county property are addressed through the review of construction plans and drainage concerns are addressed through the review of grading and drainage plans. DR staff attend public meetings, public hearings and private meetings with public employees and private citizens to present appropriate information and answer questions. The DR group emphasizes coordination with all applicable government agencies to expedite these services. DR staff now utilizes the Virtual One Stop Service (VOSS), which allows for visual and audio communication between Public Works, Planning and Development Services, and the Atrium Fire Department, as well as communication with non-county entities.

Management of construction contracts, contract administration, design of projects, and coordination of professional engineering consultant designs assures project compliance with environmental requirements and coordination of design and construction activities. In order to keep our project engineers current with state-of-the-art design processes and standards, each engineer is assigned in house design projects. The program also provides construction inspection to ensure construction is in compliance with design and specifications and that the quality of construction projects meets county requirements. The inspection staff maintains project documentation in accordance with funding source requirements. Other services provided are materials testing of construction work, coordination of projects with utility companies, assistance in development of capital improvement plans, and engineering assistance to other county departments.

Both the engineering and construction programs develop, and improve county roads and utilities through acquisition and management of right of way, design, and construction of roadway, bridges, drainage and utility systems. The sections provide programming of future improvements and engineering studies as needed to provide quality customer service and maximize the effects of funds available by identifying infrastructure projects necessary to meet the needs in developing areas of the county. The programs utilize a ‘cradle-to-grave’ concept whereby the project team stays with the project and manages its projects completely through the construction phase.

Our Transportation Planning Program services include transportation planning for the unincorporated area of the County including mobility for motor vehicles, transit, pedestrians, and bicyclist; transportation feasibility studies and traffic impact analysis; and concurrence of plans and proposals with long range regional transportation plans.

Natural Resource Services Program services include permitting and enforcement of well, wastewater, and storm water ordinances, implementing the county’s water conservation and utility connection efforts, ensuring compliance with our federal storm water quality permit, and performing groundwater resources assessment monitoring and water rights assessments. NRS also provides public education on water resources, participates in regional and state water planning efforts, and provides internal technical consulting and training on natural resource and environmental matters to other county departments.

Technical Services

Address: 2400 Broadway Blvd. SE 
Albuquerque, NM  87102
​Phone: (505) 848-1500

Director: Elias E. Archuleta, P.E.
(505) 848-1543

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