The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has issued the Final Letter of Map Revision (LOMR) for the Albuquerque West Levee Overbank Area.  

Case Number 10-06-1669P.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) issued the final Letter of Map Revision (LOMR 10-06-1669P) for the Albuquerque West Levee Project on March 23, 2011. The LOMR is effective immediately, no 90-day appeal period is necessary.  This means that the remaining properties affected by the decertification of the West Levee will now be returned to Flood Zone X immediately. Flood Zone X does not carry the mandatory flood insurance requirement that the higher risk (A, AE, AH and AO) zones have, but, FEMA highly recommends that homeowners within Flood Zone X carry flood insurance as there is a residual risk of flooding if the levee were to overtop or breach.

The area affected by this is located in the far South Valley just west of the river. The northern boundary is at the Durand Open Space along Isleta Boulevard, two miles south of Rio Bravo. The southern boundary is the Isleta Reservation between the river and Coors Road.

Homeowners within the affected area will receive a letter from Bernalillo County indicating that the flood zone for their specific property has been revised. This letter can then be forwarded to their mortgage company along with a request to drop the flood insurance requirement. If the mortgage company agrees in writing to drop the flood insurance requirement the homeowner can then drop their flood insurance policy if they wish.

Questions? Please call the Bernalillo County Flood Administrator at the Public Works Division at (505) 848-1500.

Floodplain Ordinance Proposed Changes

Official FEMA Letter of Map Revision  

Official Letter of Map Revision - Associated Maps

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