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The Bernalillo County Treasurer’s Office structures the portfolio around three key principles: safety, liquidity and yield, in that order. Safety of investment is the low risk of losing money. Safety of principal is the most important criteria guiding our investment decisions. Secondly, we want to ensure liquidity of our investments, given the possibility of cash flow needs of the county. Once those two priorities are met, we focus on getting the highest return possible.

Currently, we divide our portfolio into three "buckets," or components:

  • Highly-Liquid: Comprised of 15% of the county's operating budget. Investments in this bucket must mature within 30 days, per policy.
  • Liquidity Ladder: Investments are at least $60 million that must mature within 12 months on a staggered, or "laddered," schedule to meet cash flow needs. We do have flexibility to go longer if necessary, as long as we satisfy the $60 million requirement.
  • Core: Our longer duration bucket. This portion is comprised of the 3/12th DFA reserves plus the county's own 5% requirement. Actively managed by our Investment Advisor, Public Trust Advisors. The maturity date is typically one to three years.

All investments comply with the guidelines described in our investment policy. You can view our latest Investment Policy here.

To view our performance, please visit the investment results page.

For questions regarding the investments, feel free to email us at Treasurers@bernco.gov or call Kenneth Scott at (505) 468-7359.

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